Saturday, January 17, 2009

Soft Rock Cafeteria

I've decided to open up my own celebrity themed eatery, and I got a few of my famous friends to help me spice up the menu by posing for some pictures.

Starting with the Entrees:

You'll want to RUSH in for..

SpaGeddy-Lee $21.12

Join the Club with...

Okra a-la-Winfey $12.40

Fall in love with...

Egg's Ryan $13.85

With unforgettable sides...including

The Original Nat King Cole-Slaw $4.00

And to wash it down?

Fat Free at at last!

Skim MiLK $3.75

WIth a bevy of delectable desserts!

Get Hooked on ...

Ice-Kaream-Abdul Jabaar $4.99

More Berries in Every Bite of...

Blew Berry-more Muffins $5.00

We're serving up...

Banannas Kournicova

Give me your free hand...

Iggy's Pop-corn $7.25

If you're still reading this...

Eazy-Cheez-E: Not for sale

You deserve whats coming to you...

Alexander's Graham-Crackers and Bell-Peppers...whatever..

i'm not really opening a restaurant