Monday, August 23, 2010

From the Vault

Fork + Ham from micheal mccubbins on Vimeo.

Long ago and far away beyond the days of YouTube, Matt and I decided that our pointless banter was too amusing to be kept between us, and set out to record a chunk of it. Using the most powerful, state of the art animation tool at our disposal--Microsoft Paint--we were able to create an entire world in which a shitty drawing of a fork and a shittier drawing of a ham stand in a white room and talk without moving too much.

Due to the sophisticated nature of animating the dialogue, YouTube was an unacceptable solution to carry our vision. But now it seems technology has finally caught up with us, and you may now enjoy our idle musings as they were originally intended.

More to come:

Episode 2 - Fork Vs. Ham

Episode 3 - To Fork From Ham

Episode 4 - Forks Over My Hammy