Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Frame Comics

Here's the whole thing..Click on it to enlarge.

It will be hanging in my bathroom...

Cant wait to see you there!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Making a Spectacles

Hey...I've made a thing. A thing i think you'll like.

It is a drawing thing.

Here's the whole thing.

Here are some details...Because I know you like details.

Since this thing won't fit on my scanner, I had to take pictures of it.

If you want to see all of will be on display at the M.F. McCubbins Art Gallery and Living Room @ 4030 Cleveland Ave. From about Noon Yesterday until my lease is up.
Can't wait to see you there!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Life is a Driveway

Over a period of years I've let go of my childhood dream of writing the next great American novel. I have since given myself over to the more realistic adult dream of writing books for children. Let's take a peek at some of my work shall we...

XML Data Management 4 Kids is one of a collection of office system networking and analysis books I've created for the younger set. Others include: Dot Net Frameworking and Configuration Issues 4 Kids, Practical Component Model User/Client Systems 4 kids, Java Security Basics 4 Server Management Personnel 4 Kids, also Digital Cameras For Dummies 4 Kids, and the Complete Idiots Guide to Micro-Information Distribution Nano-circuit Encryptions.

Dinosaurs in Space: The True Story of How Dinosaurs Brought the Word of God to the Rest of the Universe is a child's guide to some of the first known interactions between God and the dinosaurs. This book has received much acclaim from the scientific and critical community. The New York Times called it "Unbelievable"... and Dr. William H. Phelps of the Center for Dinosaur research in New Mexico said "...well...true...I cannot prove it didn't". Over several books the Dinosaurs in Space travel all over the universe always surprised nobody else has heard of the Bible.

Let's Have a Look at: Uranus is from my series of children's science books featuring the frisky Professor Knows-it-all. While most "scientists" give Uranus a topical treatment at best, Professor Knows-it-all probes deep into the little known parts of Uranus with plenty of large color photos throughout. Part of the Let's Have a Look At series, The Doctor tackles other subjects including Household tools, and Teen Pregancy.

Firemen: Why They Eat Children is a book about staying safe in a world full of strangers. Other titles from this series include Indians: Why God Won't Let Them Fight Back, Police Men: Guns Can Be Funs, Exploring Vans, and Mommy, I Can Make a Stew Too.

Remember books are for kids but adults can read too!, So give the kid you envy in you one of these books today, he might be less disappointed in the adult you've become!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Juliet of the Spirits

You thought I was joking didn't you.

Could Mike be so self-important that he would write film reviews on his blog? We'll....yes, hes talking in the third person isn't he? You see the reason I sleep in so late in the mornings is because it takes a lot of energy to lift such a swollen head out off the pillow not to mention fit it out the bedroom door, where it meets with the real world and slowly deflates. And so I must run back here to the internet and nurse it back to disproportionate size.

Or maybe its just because I like you and I want to share things of beauty with you.

Anywhooo..."Juliet of the Spirits"

The first of Federico Fellini's films in color. Starts us out with Juliet, a faithful servant of a wife, preparing a anniversary dinner for her husband. Fellini prepares for us this intimate scene and then immediately undercuts the tension with the introduction of an ensemble of chatty sycophants in the sort of piecemeal roam-about style of which he is so popular. The seeds of the story are planted: The husband Giorgio has a mistress, and a guiding spirit "Iris" is introduced to Juliet. As the film progresses Giorgio's infidelity becomes more and more apparent, and Juliet is forced to confront him and then inevitably face her own confused feelings of loyalty, trust, sexuality, freedom, and guilt.

Lead actress Guilletta Masina of one of Fellini's earlier and ultimately more popular films the oscar winning "La Strada" plays the part with a lot of depth. Appropriate, considering she had been married to Fellini for over 20 years.

In many ways Juliet is an extension of many of the same devices Fellini invents in 8 1/2 and La Dolce Vita. Symbolic characters form the past are reintroduced into the present to represent Juliet's conflicting ideas. New characters are introduced which may or may not be real. In the end all of the characters must confront each other, like when you're at the grocery store with your mother and your teacher is there buying toilet paper. A serendipitous meeting for them sure, but for you a explosively frightening occasion that begins to warp and bleed your carefully constructed and segregated worlds into each other. Fellini goes ahead and puts your mom, your teacher, your first kiss, your naked grandfather, and a sexy horse all into the same frame and demands that though this is going to be hard for you to accept and consolidate, this cacophonous parade of separated realities may be the only way for you to transcend the subtle ways in which these distinctions tyrannize your freedom.

So this film if you have the chance to, especially if you're fond of 8 1/2.

On an unrelated note, stay the fuck away from Wizards that animated piece of garbage from the makers of "Fritz the Cat"...Don't get sucked in by the attractive cover art. This movie, the last thing I got from Netflix, was a disaster from wobbly start to oversimplified finish.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Damning Evidence

If you were to take the monthly count of blogs ive made since i started some months ago and place them on a chart marking the coordinates of variables x(months in) and y(number of posts), a striking pattern might materialize in front of you...even more striking considering the limit data your using to make these assumptions! Nevertheless, the predictions you could make from such a pattern would be disheartening to say the least.

For this reason, i have been considering options that might make this blog more prolific, perhaps at the cost of its more spontaneous feel and overall appropriatly comic tone. Some of these Options include:

1. Writing reviews of all the movies I get from netflix.

2. Making it more "animation oriented" by posting more animation vids and info.

3. Just going to each day and reposting their stuff.

4. Let you the reader in on more of my private intimate life moments.

5 Posting highly photoshopped pictures of my genitalia.

6. Planting and nurturing a cactus, and giving you daily updates on its growth and upkeep.

7. Locking a hobo in my shed, giving him an unlimited supply of lsd and very little food...and giving you daily updates of his growth and upkeep.

8. cosmetic surgery

9. posting highly rendered painted representations of my genitalia.

10. fulfill my titular obligations of offering a lengthly list of the deceased.

Yes, I know you don't want these things. You want more pictures of dinosaurs with hiar, well my mind is like a a mud puddle...a mud puddle the size of Arkansas...covering lots of territory...but not much depth.

If your into anime you might have heard "the internet is where the subconcisous mind comes to vent"

If that be the case then maybe I'll just do this when i feel the need to vent, much like defecating.
But i'm prone to get things like "inspiration" mixed up with "self-important delusions that cause me to consider the modicum of interest in this blog a personal mandate." and "boredom" ...

anyhow...i've still got a little juice left so im going to post a few animations/animators i like...

This brit "Cyriak" does some crazy stuff incorporating stock pictures and real video with all these i recommend mining youtube to watch all their glorious vids..

This is part of the "spamland" series by the English "Brothers Mcloed" the monologue is taken from the trash in a spam e-mail used to try to beat spam filters

Scottsman David Shringley...beautiful ink going to add a couple things to the big list of blogs section.