Sunday, February 8, 2009

Life is a Driveway

Over a period of years I've let go of my childhood dream of writing the next great American novel. I have since given myself over to the more realistic adult dream of writing books for children. Let's take a peek at some of my work shall we...

XML Data Management 4 Kids is one of a collection of office system networking and analysis books I've created for the younger set. Others include: Dot Net Frameworking and Configuration Issues 4 Kids, Practical Component Model User/Client Systems 4 kids, Java Security Basics 4 Server Management Personnel 4 Kids, also Digital Cameras For Dummies 4 Kids, and the Complete Idiots Guide to Micro-Information Distribution Nano-circuit Encryptions.

Dinosaurs in Space: The True Story of How Dinosaurs Brought the Word of God to the Rest of the Universe is a child's guide to some of the first known interactions between God and the dinosaurs. This book has received much acclaim from the scientific and critical community. The New York Times called it "Unbelievable"... and Dr. William H. Phelps of the Center for Dinosaur research in New Mexico said "...well...true...I cannot prove it didn't". Over several books the Dinosaurs in Space travel all over the universe always surprised nobody else has heard of the Bible.

Let's Have a Look at: Uranus is from my series of children's science books featuring the frisky Professor Knows-it-all. While most "scientists" give Uranus a topical treatment at best, Professor Knows-it-all probes deep into the little known parts of Uranus with plenty of large color photos throughout. Part of the Let's Have a Look At series, The Doctor tackles other subjects including Household tools, and Teen Pregancy.

Firemen: Why They Eat Children is a book about staying safe in a world full of strangers. Other titles from this series include Indians: Why God Won't Let Them Fight Back, Police Men: Guns Can Be Funs, Exploring Vans, and Mommy, I Can Make a Stew Too.

Remember books are for kids but adults can read too!, So give the kid you envy in you one of these books today, he might be less disappointed in the adult you've become!

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It's true. Guns can be funs.