Monday, March 30, 2009

Sci-Fi Tribute

So, I found this album

Star One - Space Metal
The Album is a Prog-Metal Tribute to some of the Great and Not so great Sci-Fi Films/TV shows from the 60s on up through the 90s.

The lyrics to each song contain the themes and plot to it's respective film.

You can read the lyrics and hear samples at the creator Arjen A. Lucassen's website.

Try to see if you can guess which film each song is. The answers are on the albums Wikipedia Page

In tribute to this album and to another great film which went overlooked, I offer you the following:


McLanahan and Ironside
A twinkle in Gary Busey’s eye
Doogie Howser, CasVan Diem
Intergalactic super team!

Exoskeleton armored bugs
Killing everything we love
Buenos Aires Up in Flames
Metal Arena Football Games

Cheesy Propaganda reel
Lets us know how we should feel
Total Recall, Robocop
Director has impressive Chops

Fiesty Curly red haired chick
Sex with Casper in a tent
Grab your guns, pull up your pants
Giant Killer Bug Attack!

Now we have to make them pay
Our homes a Galaxy away
Everybody here is dead
Bugs with laser Guns for heads

How do they know all our plans
At this rate we have no chance
Bugs that eat our brains for food
Your some kind of big, fat, smart bug aren’t you

Now we have their Achilles Heel
Looks as if their fate is sealed
Alien movies end this way
Just like Independence Day

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hat Trick

The main thing.

The whole thing. (click to enlarge)

A part.

Another part.