Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Additional Findings

In addition to the findings of the last post, today I found the following in a book about musical instruments...

At first I was confused, as I ignored the representations of fixtures and furniture and assumed it was a top side view similar to an architectural blueprint. Upon further study though, it seems the "teloporter" a seemingly ordinary telephone booth is a secret entrance to a high-tech underground lab which has all modern emenities including its own restroom. The teloporter it seems either works by falling toward the floor of the lab aided by an electromagnetic field represent by the lines eminating from the platform which rests directly below it much like your ordinary elevator. Or perhaps more ambitiously, actually tel-o-ports and rematerializes below much like a star trek beam-in, in which case the placing of the fake booth(which may infact actaully send as recieve calls, one hopes this is the case in order to better camoflague its secret purpose)directly above the platform, is a mere coincidence.

In any case the author has provided us with a somewhat limited legend below the treatment, which serves to let us know there is a door to the bathroom as well as a cieling(which lends validity to the thoery that the teloporter drops, without it teloportors could see over the door and into the bathroom ruining the privacy of any mad scientist, henchman, lab assistant, or secret special agent defecting below.

Sadly though the author has misplaced his drawing and will most likley have to settle for throwing his/her self down the laundry chute onto a pile of broken chairs.

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