Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finders Keepers

Shuffling books at the library one finds all sorts of things... often items get used as bookmarks and then forgotten between pages, christmas cards, post cards, one book had a used condom wrapper inside...it was that second tier, slightly cheaper name worn by couples who shop for bulk not brand notoriety.

To some people a book drop looks a lot like a trash can. A used tampon applicator can end up resting gracefully atop a copy of the newest Fern Micheals romance novel. Seems it fell out of a plastic bag filled with soda cans and an empty box of nachos...sometimes a girl has to get crafty...

I can't tell if these are in ascending or descending order of importance.

Today I found something a bit more interesting

It seems at first to be an idle doodling or an experimental poem,
but a closer look reveals its ambition

Indeed it is a top secret project...classified level 5 type stuff
the delicate shading of the plug, the expensive resume paper
all hint that this will be something big...so long as it's creator has
internalized his/her patent pending suction/tension pulling mechanism
and can get their hands on a gigantic VHS tape.

If you've relieved yourself in my restroom and weren't keeping a watchful eye on your trajectory
then you may have seen my greatest find (pictured at the top).
I found it some years ago working at an antique mall.
Spraying down the men's room toilets with lysol at the end of the night. I found it folded up, resting atop the tiolet tank in one of the stalls.
It's am ink-jet reproduction of lopsided mams in bad light which someone must have found inspirational to say the least. Luckily I share their appreciation for fine things, and so I framed it in an ornate gold frame and it hangs proudly on my bathroom wall. If you ever go there you may find two handsome gentlemen of leisure with impecible taste...

And while were on the subject of all things lost and found. I found this book at the library last week...

It's a collected serial comic based loosely upon the diary of a high school sophomore in 1985 which was found on the floor of a gas station bathroom.

It is indeed awesome.

Its a time-capsule back to the days of bad hair and false hopes...
of course I mean high-school.

Tammy is the kinda girl that will show you nip for a dollar and then let you keep the dollar.
If you let her hang out with you she'll buy you chili cheese fries from sonic and wait patiently while you make out with your girlfriend. Is it possible that an older Tammy posed for the photo above? Perhaps in exchange for dinner at Chili's or a ride in a PT Cruiser? No, probably not dummy...i just need some sort of call-back so this post can end with a semi-conclusive and quasi-humorous aire.

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