Friday, October 31, 2008

Jesus Swept

Really I have nothing to say...

I just realised that my first month blogging started out with an impressive 20 or so blogs..
but this past month has seen but a dissapointing 4...

This blog has a double purpose you might say

1. To make excuses and
2. To bring the number to 5(which while being but one more than four represents, as some numbers do, a leveling up.)

So, to explain myself, to my 1 loyal follower and the countless masses of you who eat up my blog on the sly...there isnt much to say

ive been tooling around with cs3 but dont have much to show for it

...oh but no one wants to to hear bitching and excuses...

I gotta get ready for halloween anyway...

I could go ahead and post 15 more blogs each featuring my favorite celebrity babies or how to turn a pretzel dog into a suitable life partner...and ratchet that blog count up...but both you and i know...its only down hill from here.

If your into number games, i've reached a glorious 100 blogs on myspace this week

nevermind the pretentious URL...the blogs actaully are softened with a generous amount of potentialy disarming irony ...or there is just enough dick jokes to keep you from falling asleep...whichever you like..

This little slight of hand trick is the best I can do for now loyal follower and countless shadow dwellers...

Next time i'll have something to say before I tap you on the shoulder.

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