Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is Stupid

Apparently there was some doubt as to whether McCains vice presidential choice Sarah Palin is in fact the mother of a down syndrome baby, and she hasn't stolen her teenage daughter's child and passed it off as her own to win a few AWWWwwwwws.

Personally I am disturbed for another reason. Palin is the Governer of the largest state in the United States, Alaska. The current president of United States Of America is the former governor of the second largest state, Texas.

My Question to you all is this: What is the next largest state in the union?

I know what your thinking: Yes...but that's impossible...he wasn't born here..

Apparently you haven't heard of the 61st amendment...

"But seriously mike" you say to yourself, "thats just a movie...if you don't shut up I'm going to call the police."

Yes it was "just a movie" as you say, but it was released in the summer of 93' which means it was filmed in 92' and most likely written in 91'...and WHO i ask you was the president in 1991. Right, none other than George H.W. Bush , himself a former V.P. and director of the CIA, an organization Arnold knows a thing or 2 about...

In these 2 films Arnold works for the CIA. In one he fights "the wolf", and in the other "the predator" along side former Minnesota governor Jesse "the body" Ventura, and Kentucky Governatorial hopeful Sonny Landham(hes the one that looks like an indian).

Someone else has been killing wolves and predators for years, and his name is Sarah Palin:

Governor Palin Introduces Bill to Streamline Predator Management Laws:
HB 256/SB 176 Clarify, Clean UP Statutes, Encourates Abundance-Based Management

(Juneau) - Governor Sarah Palin has introduced a bill in the State House and Senate that will simplify and clarify Alaska’s intensive management law for big game and the state's "same day airborne hunting" law. “I have said many times that my administration is committed to management of game for abundance, and to a proactive, science-based predator management program where appropriate,” said the Governor...

The path is being laid! the pieces are falling into place!

"Ok Mike, you're right, DEAD right, so how do we stop him if he runs?"...

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