Monday, September 1, 2008

why this exists

I once kept a proper website but i realized i didn't really have enough material to be shelling out the kind of cash they wanted me to pay to use a fraction of a percent of the 1000 gigs of space alloted to me. I was too lazy and hopeful that i neglected to tell them this, and they charged me the yearly rate of 100 bucks when it came time to pay again. This was the shove i needed to give up that pipe dream. I needed that money to pay for more important things like say food or electricity so i demanded my money back and in 3 shorts months there it was back in my account and my website was dead.

Domain names are cheaper so i held on to it in hopes that perhaps I might try to fire that baby up again......that hasn't happened. In, fact I'm poorer than ever! And so, this is what will pass for the shadow of a shell of a ghost of an abortion of that dream.

Chances are there wont be much here at all. Some of my friends, though, are hosting blogs here and maintaining them, it seems, with relative ease and effectiveness. Also, tonight I'm feeling a little ambitious.

Alright, that seems like a fine way to conclude my first and very likely last entry.

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