Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Have You Forgotten?

As our nation once again mourns it's loss, I feel the time has finally come. The time to look back and say,"Ya know, as surreal and confusing as that day was for all of us(especially us mid-westerners who were really struck the hardest blow)...we really pulled together, and with our fighter's spirit said "Hey, we can do better than that.""...

Yes I'm here...tell mommy if shes going to make you read her bad poetry,
she could at least record it a little better.

Bald eagles, it seems, were affected in many ways...

This specific eagle wept huge tears...

While this one juiced up and crafted a deadly flag spear.

Others had a more defensive chameleon like response.

While the more deranged ones reacted by disembodying their heads and going translucent...perhaps in an attempt to spook potential terrorists.

This gentleman appears to be having all sorts of trouble.

Every time I watch this I have to keep a few Kleenex around.
It's kinda sad at the beginning though. it all makes sense.

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