Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pun-Time for Foodies

My humor basically breaks down into a few categories
1. Bad Puns
2. Dick Jokes
3. Cheap Shots at Religion.

"But, Mike" you say " you're also fond of making up shitty pretend lyrics to songs, like some poor-man's Weird Al."
Ahhh....but those are just bad puns!

YESSSSS puns...I love me some puns.

Marshall McLuhan says puns are the lowest form of ART.

"Well," says I, "at least they're art."

"Who the fuck," says you," is Marshall McLuhan."

If only McLuhan were with us today, what might he have to tell us about Blogs.

I bet he'd say they're the perfect place for tasteless puns.

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