Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rage Against the Machines

The Year is 2030...No more originality exists anywhere...two 20 somethings are watching a Matrix remake and drinking energy drinks out of breast-shaped-cans and trying hard to remember their brief childhood...

"Hey remember all those great robot movies that came out when we were kids."

" the Terminator!"

"Totally...and who could forget Robocop!"

"Not me man...Oh bra...what about transformers!"

"Geez man nobobdy will ever make movies like those again."

"You mean DVDs?"

"DeeVy whats?"

"Nevermind...Oh...shit...I almost forgot about Short Circuit!"

"Oh no man...that was just a rip off of another movie called Wall-E. Crap...turn it to channel 3860...Celebrity Look-alike Karaoke Challenge is almost on."

"Why watch it when we can play THE VIDEO GAME!"

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